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One of the highlights of any Monopoly Events convention or show and something that sets us apart from other conventions is the huge range of life-size vehicles, props and set builds, put together especially for each event by our hardworking team members for you to enjoy COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE! Yes folks, you heard us correctly, if you want a photo with any of our props, then you go ahead and take one, everything is included in the price of admission!

This year we have some great props in store for you including our HUGE T-65 X-Wing replica, Doctor Who's TARDIS, Jabba the Hutt in all his glory, Boba Fett's Throne set and more!

Don't forget as well, the aisles and aisles of amazing geeky gear in our Trader Zone, Grey Jedi Order lightsaber training, and the World Famous Cantina Space Bar, a replica of the Mos Eisley bar from Star Wars where you can relax with some scum and villainy... and a pint!

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