One of the highlights of any Monopoly Events convention or show and something that sets us apart from other conventions is the huge range of life-size vehicles, props and set builds, put together especially for each event by our hardworking team members for you to enjoy COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE! Yes folks, you heard us correctly, if you want a photo with any of our props, then you go ahead and take one, everything is included in the price of admission!


To help celebrate the 5th birthday of For the Love of Sci-Fi, we brought some amazing attractions for your entertainment including the PREMIERE of the fan-made Star Wars/Indiana Jones mash up - Star Wars Origins, as well as a 35-minute long preview of the amazing Robodoc: The Creation of Robocop documentary.


Aside from those two great screenings at the Live Q&A stage, we had our huge Power Loader from Aliens, ED-209 from the original Robocop movie and the original Robocop armour suit and Beretta 93R weapon.  Our Stranger Things couch with the alphabet wall, the screen used Lawmaster bike from the 2012 film DREDD, ABC Warrior robot Hammerstein and our full-sized Colonial Viper were just some more of the great props we had at the event.

On top of that we had aisles and aisles of amazing geeky gear in our Trader Hall, Robot Wars and axe throwing. A Jedi Knight training area and retro video gaming zone with a fun zone for the kids. Finally, we took care of chill time with the World Famous Cantina Space Bar, a replica of the Mos Eisley bar from Star Wars where guets relaxed with some scum and villainy and a pint!


Watch this page for more 2021 announcements for For The Love Of Sci-Fi 2021 and get your tickets NOW!


    The saga you know... the origins you don't... Star Wars Origins takes a unique look at where the saga began. a thrilling action-adventure film drawing inspiration from both Star Wars and Indiana Jones to tell an epic story based on earth during WWII. Filmed in the Sahara Desert, Morocco, Star Wars Origins is the culmination of three years’ work, from writer/director by Phil Hawkins, executive producer Gary Cowan and Velvet Film. Star Wars Origins (Release Date 12th December 2019, one week before The Rise of Skywalker) premieres ONLY at For the Love of Sci-Fi 2019 across both days!


    'RoboDoc' is a fully independent retrospective into the making of 'RoboCop' and its cultural impact over the last 30 years. Supported by dozens of the original cast and crew 'RoboDoc' is made by fans of the movie for fans of the movie. The crew have already received support from over 20 of the cast and crew as well as the RoboCop Archive, and there is no doubt that by the time of production many more key players will be attached to share their amazing stories about one of the most iconic movies ever made. Robodoc: The Creation of Robocop has a 35-minute preview screening ONLY at For the Love of Sci-Fi 2019!


    The Lawmaster is the standard-issue personal vehicle for Judges. They are computer-controlled and can operate independently of their riders. Lawmasters are shown to mount machine guns with brass catchers, carry Widowmakers and have communications capabilities (allowing Judges to relay information to and from a control center at the Grand Hall of Justice}, crowd control capabilities and they carry equipment for securing and investigating crime scenes. The Lawmaster motorcycles such as the one you will see at For The Love Of Sci-Fi from the 2012 film were actually built on Suzuki GSX 750 bikes with extended chassis.

  • ED-209

    The Enforcement Droid, Series 209, or ED-209, was a fully-automated series of peacekeeping machines created by Omni Consumer Products. The units were programmed for urban pacification, but OCP also negotiated contracts with the military for use in war. During its first demonstration, ED-209 malfunctioned disastrously, blasting junior executive Mr. Kinney to death over a sustained period of time. Unable to stop the droid's rampage, Dr. McNamara and his fellow technicians struggled to gain control over ED-209, having to pull some sort of plug to finally shut it down. 


    Robocop's original armour suit was modelled on hockey gear and was cumbersome and bulky for the actor Peter Weller to move around in. ​The original gun for RoboCop was a Desert Eagle, but this was deemed too small. A Beretta 93R was heavily modified by Ray Williams of Freshour Machine, Texas City, Texas, who extended the gun barrel to make it look bigger and more proportional to RoboCop's hand. The gun holster itself was a standalone piece that was not integrated into the suit. Off-screen technicians would operate the device on cue by pulling cables that would force the holster to open up and allow the gun to be placed inside.


    Built especially for Sam Jones' (Flash Gordon) visit to the UK in 2016, this is the only full-size Rocket Cycle in the country and as such is a fantastic crowd attraction! Even those too young to remember the film know of the booming voice of Brian Blessed yelling 'Gordon's Alive!' In the film, Flash uses a found Rocket Cycle to escape Sky City before it is destroyed, before flying it solo into Mingo City in an effort to fool Ming the Merciless and his minions into thinking he is attacking alone... a plan which results in a victory for Flash and the Hawkmen! We love the Rocket Cycle, But we've only got 14 hours to save the Earth!


    The P-5000 Powered Work Loader, commonly referred to as the Power Loader, is heavily employed by the United States Colonial Marine Corps to load ordnance on board their starships. Power Loaders are equipped with hydraulic "claws" that can be used to hold and manipulate a variety of objects. The Colonial Marines also utilized the Exosuit, the military version of the P-5000. Perhaps the most famous use of a Power Loader was when Ellen Ripley used one in desperation to engage a Xenomorph Queen in hand-to-hand combat to defend Rebecca "Newt" Jorden aboard the USS Sulaco in the Aliens film.


    In the hit TV show Stranger Things season 1, Will Byer's mother, Joyce, discovered that she could communicate with her son using Christmas lights. She was desperate to find him after he went missing and the blinking Christmas lights offered her hope that she still had a chance to find him. She even figured out a way to understand Will's replies to her questions. Joyce takes black paint and draws the alphabet onto her wall, attaching a light to each letter, so that Will can use the letters to communicate. He even manages to warn her about the oncoming Demigorgon attack and saves her life.


    The Colonial Viper is a spacecraft in the Battlestar Galactica science-fiction franchise. It is the primary fighter spacecraft type used by the human protagonists. Appearing in both the 1978 original series and the 2003 reimagined series, the single-pilot spacecraft are carried aboard Battlestar Galactica and are the humans’ main tools of defence against the cybernetic Cylon race. The popularity of the original Battlestar Galactica series resulted in US Air Force pilots nicknaming F-16 Fighting Falcons “Vipers”. When the new series was created, the Viper was one element designers wanted to carry through with minimal alteration.


    Hammerstein has been the leader of the ABC Warriors for most of 2000AD's run. He was the first successful war robot to be built due to him being given both emotions and a conscience which allowed him to distinguish between combatants and civilians. He was recruited during the Volgan Wars by the mysterious Colonel Lash to lead the ABC Warriors on Lash's post-war project. Overall humanoid in form, his right 'hand' is the combat hammer that gives him his name. Depicted as noble, brave and patriotic, he has always represented the compassionate 'heart' of the team, while remaining a formidable warrior.


    Become a Padawan and learn to wield a lightsabre like a master, train with the grey Jedi or if the darkness takes you, with the Sith Warriors in choreographed dueling, join in a photoshoot on the Jakku/Tatooine inspired set with droids. Become a true Jedi Knight and honour the Jedi code. There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no passion, there is serenity. There is no chaos, there is harmony. There is no death, there is the Force.


    The force will be with you... always.


    On show at For the Love of Sci-Fi 2019 will be the Predator Minigun as held by Jesse Ventura in his photo ops at our event last year.


    We will also be displaying several guns and weapons that were used in the 1987 Robocop film starring For the Love of Sci-Fi special guests Peter Weller and Ray Wise. Check out our Full Metal, Full Auto Beretta Auto 9 stainless steel Desert Eagle 50 caliber which was also used by For the Love of SCi-Fi special guest Danny Glover in Predator 2. Our Sig Saur P26 and Barrett M82 Cobra Assault Cannon!


    A selection of the stars from the Hit TV show Robot Wars will be Battling it out at For the Love of Sci-Fi 2019 for the first time ever. Famous robots such as the current Robot Wars Champions Eruption, Ripper and Beast are just a few of the robots already confirmed with more signing up all the time. Also on display will be Major Damage, one of the only House Robots other than Sir Killalot himself not to be flipped over by those fierce competitors. 960kg of pure metal madness with its hydraulic crushing jaw, 30kg hammer, and its flame thrower, certainly a robot you need to see in the flesh - or the metal.


    He’s Back! Returning to For the Love of Sci-Fi 2019, this fantastic Terminator impersonator as seen on Britain’s Got Talent 2011, and highly praised by both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton for his unbelievable vocal sound-alike to Arnie, is on an amazing mission to terminate cancer by spreading joy. Join him and help to raise money for fantastic causes as you join Arnie on his Harley Davison, or pick up and pose with a prop minigun and sunglasses to become a Terminator in some cool looking selfies. Come and experience Terminator UK. The funniest and most family-friendly action hero from the future.


    Another Monopoly first... Direct from Mount Crumpit all covered in green is a tall furry man that has to be seen. Not jolly or joyful in the season of Santa, more grumpy and grinchy as Grinch surely should be.

    Come see our Whovulous Grinch themed alternative grotto and snap some marvellous Whovulation selfies and pics with the grumpy green guy himself, for all you big Whos and little Whos, you're ALL invited to this spectacular sight from the early Who morning till the late late Who night...


    Announcing our amazing Video Gaming Zone at For the Love of SCi-Fi 2019, which will feature tons of consoles and computers!


    Snipe your opponents in Goldeneye (N64) or show off your skills in Virtua Tennis (Dreamcast)

    Become the king of the ring on WWF No Mercy Wrestling (N64) or battle to be the last one standing in Bomberman (SNES)

    Compete head to head on modern Nintendo favourites, Mario Kart 7 and Super Smash Bros


    Axe throwing is a new and exciting sport that has only hit the UK in the last few years which is fast becoming a very popular competitive sport and leisure activity. The “Tomahawk” was used many hundreds of years ago by native Indians as a way of hunting prey and has been used by multiple nations as a go-to battle weapon! Think of it like darts but with Axes with the aim being to score the highest points on the target. Come and try your hand at axe throwing at For the Love of Sci-Fi this December, compete against your friends! Aim for the highest scores! Just try not to hit any Stormtroopers!


    Come and let the kids loose in our fantastic Kidz Zone at For the Love of Sci-Fi 2019!

    With a bouncy castle, wand making, archery games, and more, you'll be able to chill while the kids have a great time! You will also find the Cosplay station here, which is where you can meet some great cosplay characters and drop off your unwrapped gifts for our Barnardos campaign as well as hang out with our Grumpy Grinch in his Grotto! 

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