With the recent developments with the Covid-19 crisis, we have decided to write this statement to clarify the position of our company and our flagship events. We were going to make this statement last week but have been in dialogue with key guests and agents to get the clearest picture possible to relay back to you, the customers. 

First and foremost, in a crisis like this, you really become thankful for the things in life that you take for granted. It is a true inspiration to see the bravery of our NHS service and the volunteers who have put themselves on the front line to help others overcome the virus. We all need to do our bit and help support each other through these hard times. Most people have closed their businesses including ourselves, and others find themselves out of work and are suffering financial hardship, these are testing times indeed. During these dark times, it is imperative to stay positive and help those in need, even if it is just a phone call of support, or to send positive messages out on social media like Lou Ferrigno and Jason David Frank recently did on our social media pages.

This week we will be promoting our traders on our pages and advertising their businesses at peak times each day, hopefully, it is a gesture that can help them generate some business as we stand by them and support them as much as we can in these trying times. We will also be making £100,000 worth of free tickets available for some of our upcoming events to NHS staff, volunteers, and emergency services as a thank you to them for the bravery and service to the people of the UK. We will publish the events that these tickets will be made available for in due course. We are also making our venue Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Manchester available to the government if needed as a field hospital. It is difficult to appreciate the size and scale of the task ahead of the NHS but I feel this is something we can do that will really support the fight against the virus. 

As you know we postponed several upcoming events in line with government guidelines and social distancing policy. The safety of our customers is the key thing in any decision we make. After careful consideration, we decided to push to later in the year with our wrestling convention due to the simple fact that we are very hesitant that the show would be able to go ahead successfully in August, which was the initial plan for it. We feel August would be a much greater risk than doing the event in October, and this was the driving factor in making this decision. The other deciding factor was that we wanted to be sure we was clear of the travel ban as most of our guests come from the United States, October was a much safer time of year reciprocated in the feelings of the guests and agents we have spoken to. Also please bear in mind conventions need adequate time to promote them properly to make them a success.

One thing we would like to highlight in these uncertain times for the events industry is the unique position that Monopoly Events holds in our market, we are one of the very few operators whom you can trust and rely on during times like this. We own our own venue and production company, when we put on an event we make sure we have the finances in place to do so without having to depend on and risk fans money. We take that risk ourselves and always ensure we have enough resources to put on the shows without having to depend on ticket sales to cover it. Operators that do this put the fans at risk. We have never pulled a convention or relied on fans money to pay for it, we put the funding in place first and all deposits and fees are paid for by us initially, with the revenue afterwards going towards covering the investment. When you buy a ticket with us, your money is safe. Our wrestling event has been rescheduled to October 31-November 1st. We have already refunded all the fans who cannot make the new date, and have put out clear signals online and via email that you can claim your refunds immediately. Anyone else wishing to get their wrestling tickets refunded can do so by emailing 

Below is a list of upcoming events and their current positions at the moment.

For the Love of Wrestling (Original date April 18-19, rescheduled to October 31-November 1st) 
Anyone not able to make the new date as stated above can email in for an instant refund, staff are working from home at the moment so refunds can take 7 days to show in your account but we have got through the majority. For anyone not taking the refund option, your April tickets are valid for the new date in October/November. Most of the line up that was due to appear at the April show are available for October and are more than happy to appear on the new dates, as from the conversations we have had they really do not want to let their fans down. There will be a small number of cancellations confirmed in the next couple of weeks, but these will be replaced and we now have reignited negotiations with some other headline guests who could not make the April date so you may see more big additions to the line-up. Subscribe to the newsletter for updates at

For the Love of Darts (Original date May 30th, cancelled. To be rescheduled sometime in 2021)
All customers who have purchased tickets for this event have been refunded in full, we will be rescheduling the event to sometime in 2021, more info in due course. Subscribe to the newsletter for updates at

Comic Con Manchester (planned for July/August, postponed until 2021)
We did have everything in place for Comic Con Manchester to take place in July or August, and a huge world exclusive headline guest. We were simply waiting on the green light from the guest on three date options during the July/August period which was imminent and we were then going to announce. Due to the calibre of this guest we were quite happy to announce the event literally with 2-3 months to promote it as it would have sold out overnight. Due to the event being in those danger months of July/August, we would have had to postpone it to October and then it would have clashed with our other events. We decided to completely postpone Comic Con Manchester to 2021. We did not want to saturate our own market and have three conventions of our own in Manchester in the same venue within two months of each other. The headline guest we have for this event is also more comfortable to appear in 2021 so stay tuned.

For the Love of Fantasy (Original date August 1-2, merged with Comic Con Scotland October 10-11)
We have made the decision to move For the Love of Fantasy and merge it with our bigger flagship Scottish event, Comic Con Scotland in Edinburgh. It made perfect sense all round, as stated above we feel August is too soon and risky to put a convention on, and it left us no time to promote the event properly. We have American guests appearing at the show who were also hesitant with the August date, and welcomed it being moved to October. This also allows us to get the bigger Harry Potter related guests our fans really want to see, Comic Con Scotland is a far bigger show and can facilitate huge headline guests, something which due to the restrictions of the size of the venue, For the Love of Fantasy could not facilitate. It is true to say for the Love of Fantasy outgrew its venue, and the positive outcome of this is that For the Love of Fantasy can now reach its full potential. Subscribe to the newsletter for updates at

Comic Con Scotland (October 10-11, scheduled to go ahead)
If it is safe to do so, and only if it is safe to do so, we will be going ahead with Comic Con Scotland as planned. We feel October is looking fairly safe at the moment but we will monitor the situation closely. It is a little frustrating with this one as you know we started work early on Comic Con Scotland and announced a wave of amazing guests very early in the year. We had a second wave planned, and then a third wave of amazing guests which we believe would have sold the show out after the success of 2019, but the right thing to do at the moment is to sit tight and monitor the situation. On the positive side, we have our line up finalised and we have spoken to all the guests this week who are all still raring to go and remain as positive as we do that the event will go ahead. Once the situation calms down we will announce the next wave of guests. There is a mammoth world exclusive in there, and this guest did not want to be announced until June anyway so she could make final checks on her schedule. She did not want to be announced if there was the possibility of cancellation and neither did we so we thought it sensible to delay it anyhow until we knew there was no chance of a cancellation or reschedule. I am dying to tell you who we have! Several UK exclusives are in there also, but frustrating as it may be, we have to sit this out for now and wait. As you know with Monopoly Events and as explained above, you can still buy tickets in confidence knowing that if the show was cancelled, or rescheduled even, you can get an instant refund. Subscribe to the newsletter for updates at

For the Love of Horror (October 17-18, scheduled to go ahead) 
As with Scotland, if it is safe to do so and only if it is safe to do so we will be going ahead with For the Love of Horror as planned. We do feel October is looking fairly safe at the moment but we will monitor the situation closely. It is also frustrating with this one as we put out a huge chunk of the line up early, and we were just building up to hit you with three huge headline guests as well as a final wave of other guests, but the virus has put a stop to it for the time being. I have spoken to two of these headline guests in the last few days and they are looking forward to the event and are staying positive. I will hear from the other headline guest after the weekend but I am sure their attitude will be the same as the others. It's frustrating for us all, as we are itching to get the final line up announced but safety comes first so let's keep monitoring things. As you know with Monopoly Events and as explained above, you can still buy tickets in confidence knowing that if the show was cancelled, or rescheduled even, you can get an instant refund. Subscribe to the newsletter for updates at

For the Love of Sci-Fi (December 5-6)
We are confident this will go ahead and as you know Saturday was on the brink of selling out anyway before this happened. We have spoken with Millie who of course is our headline guest, as well as all the other confirmed guests and they are all hyped and looking forward to this show so much, so for all of us, it is something positive to look forward to in these dark times. Once things calm down again we will start posting prop build updates and announcing further guests. We have even more guests in the bag ready to announce but as with the events above it is not the right time until the current situation calms down. As you know with Monopoly Events and as explained above, you can still buy tickets in confidence knowing that if the show was cancelled, or rescheduled even, you can get an instant refund. Subscribe to the newsletter for updates at

Comic Con Liverpool (March 6-7)
I think this is one we can safely say with far more confidence will be happening and that the crisis will be over with. Comic Con 2020 was epic to say the least and we hold special memories of this fantastic sell out event, and we can all look forward to doing it all again in 2021. Funnily enough at the present moment, Comic Con Liverpool 2021 is our best-selling show as it gives people something to look forward to and focus on. Subscribe to the newsletter for updates at

I would also like to add at this point, we were looking at adding a new territory to our growing list, but this will now be put on hold until 2021 at least. 

If you have any queries, you can email us at, please remember we are all working from home at the moment and need to be allowed time to respond. Due to us having some spare time at the moment we are concentrating on the merchandise side of the business, so anyone wishing to purchase merchandise or find out what we have available can do so on this same email address.


Well, that’s it from us, stay safe and remember staying at home saves lives. Support our NHS, support each other, and together, we the fans will get through this. 

Thank you 

Andy Kleek 
CEO Monopoly Events