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For the Love of Sci-fi 2019 by Andy Kleek and the Monopoly Events team was absolutely out of this world and ran over two days over December 7th and 8th 2019 with an opening concert on the evening of December 6th starring The Blues Harvest live! The event itself featured a world-class lineup of guests once again including Jon Bernthal, Karl Urban, Charlie Heaton, Dolph Lundgren, Peter Weller, Danny Glover, Sam J Jones, Brian Blessed, Warwick Davis and many more! New attractions included ED-209, screen-used Lawmaster bike from DREDD and more!



Jon Bernthal - The Punisher, Karl Urban - The Boys, Peter Weller - Robocop, Dolph Lundgren - Universal Soldier, Charlie Heaton - Stranger Things, Danny Glover - Predator 2, Sam J Jones - Flash Gordon, Brian Blessed - Flash Gordon, Warwick Davis - Return of the Jedi, Ray Park - Phantom Menance, Spencer Wilding - Rogue One, Al Leong - Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Annabelle Davis - The Last Jedi, Mark Dodson - Return of the Jedi



ED-209 - Robocop, Screen-Used Lawmaster Bike - DREDD, StarWars Origins Premiere, RoboDoc Preview Screening, Colonial Viper - Battlestar Galactica, Alphabet Wall Set - Stranger Things, Original Robocop Armour & Gun Display, Power Loader - Aliens, Hammerstein - ABC Warriors, Jedi Training School, Action Movie Gun Display, Terminator UK, Grinches Grotto, Extreme Robots - Robots Wars, Axe Throwing, Retro Gaming Zone, Funfair, Kids Zone


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