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Andy Kleek and the Monopoly Events team brought Manchester For the Love of the Force in 2015 which ran over three days from December 4th to the 6th, and was our very first sci-fi event with a 100% focus on the world of Star Wars. The event featured a full-scale X-wing fighter, a full-scale AT-ST, animatronic Jabba the Hutt in his palace, Yoda's swamp, Ewok village and the opening of our world-famous Cantina Space Bar and was so well received that it started the ball rolling for the phenomena that has become Monopoly Events.



Dave Prowse - Darth Vader, Garrick Hagon - Biggs Darklighter, Toby Philpott - Jabba the Hutt, Michael Carter - Bib Fortuna, Simon Williamson - Max Rebo, Femi Taylor - Oola, Alan Ruscoe - Plo Koon, Pam Rose - Leesub Sirin, John Simpkin - Klaatu, Michael Henbury - Ewok, Barrie Holland - Lieutenant Renz, Anthony Forrest - Stormtrooper/Fixer, Chris Bunn - Stormtrooper, Laurie Goode - Hrchek Kal Fas, Nick Joseph - Arhul Hextrophon, Chris Muncke - Captain Kurgee, Peter Roy - Olander Brit, Alan Flyng - Imperial Officer, Paul Markham - Imperial Officer, Ted Western - Merc Sunlet, Stephanie English - Rebel Technician, Brian Muir - Sculptor, Shaun Harrison - Prosthetics


Full scale X-wing Starfighter Red 5, Full scale AT-AT Scout Walker, Endor Bunker Door, Animatronic Jabba the Hutt, Yoda in Dagobah Swamp, Chalmun's Cantina from Tatooine, Ewok Village, Imperial Speeder Bike, Death Star Corridor, Lifesize Action Figure Box, Jedi Training, Gaming Zone, Scout Trooper DJ Booth with Projection Mapping, Live Bib Fortuna Prosthetics by Shaune Harrison, Piccadilly Symphony Orchestra


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