UPDATE: We have just spoken to Millie's team and they have confirmed they cannot make the 4th December due a filming commitment has come up on that day. She has sent her apologies and has promised a reschedule date. We have provisionally pencilled April 9-10, which at the moment Millie can do, but to 100% confirm this date she needs to wait for her filming schedule which she gets at the beginning of January. We do not want to go through all of this again so we are waiting until its 100% confirmed in January before switching tickets over.

Anyone wishing to hold onto to their tickets can of course do so for the rearranged date, and anybody wanting a refund can have one, we will be sending out an email after Comic Con Liverpool with details of how to claim a refund, and anyone wanting to hold onto their tickets need do nothing and we will advise on the new date in January. Please do not email in our inboxes are at bursting point. 

We are very sorry about this, and we assure you the decision to move the show has not been taken likely. We are devasted and deflated with this news and coming just before Comic Con Liverpool is terrible timing. It is a nightmare situation, but we have done what is best for the fans, for the traders and for the sake of the show. 

More news to follow, thank you for your patience.

Our amazing 2019 convention was our fifth birthday special and we smashed it with special guests Karl Urban, Jon Bernthal, Dolph Lundgren, Danny Glover, Peter Weller, Stranger Things star Charlie Heaton, Warwick Davis, Ray Park, Sam Jones and Brian Blessed, Spencer Wilding and more all of whom were delighted to spend time chatting to fans and signing autographs! Our next sci-fi convention promises to be just as amazing with a plethora of guests for you to get photographs with throughout the whole weekend of science fiction fun!

We also had a fantastic series of amazing film prop replicas as well including our full sized Colonial Viper from the mighty Battlestar Galactica science fiction TV show, the screen-used Lawmaster from the 2012 film DREDD, a lounge set with alphabet wall from the hit Netflix sci-fi horror TV show Stranger Things, The Powerloader from Aliens, the mighty Hammerstein from ABC Warriors, and the amazing ED-209 from the original Robocop movie!

Even more plans for our next event in Stretford, Manchester are already underway so to find out more subscribe to our newsletter!